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The Phrase is “El-oh-El”

A recent TED talk speaker and linguist, John McWhorter, referred to teenaged texting as a “linguistic miracle.” Since those words are in quotations, you can be sure they came directly  from his mouth. Before you shake your head in disbelief as I did at the end of his speech, let me explain to you the premise.

Mr. McWhorter explained that as far back as 36 A.D., men complained about the degradation of formal writing. People seemed to believe, as they still do, that new generations are destroying the revered Queen’s English. And the fact that the world, along with formal writing, has managed to survive the forewarned doom means the dooms day theorists were wrong.

I found Mr. McWhorter’s TED talk interesting, in awe at his ability to enunciate without opening his mouth very wide. There may be some truth to the point of his speech. But, texting as a “linguistic miracle,” is a tad far fetched. Now, I am not sure if I am alone in this, but when I text, I spell out every word. I do this mainly because I think typing “str8” instead of “straight” makes me look stupid to the person I am texting. But Mr. McWhorter said that this is a “new” type of language, rendering our children bi-lingual, in a sense. To this I say “Uh-huh. Right.”

I think John McWhorter missed the real misgiving about teenaged loose-finger writing. The point that educators and scholars are trying to make is that while texting is not inherently bad, code switching is necessary. You don’t speak to your grandma the way you speak to a friend over drinks. Telling Grandma to “get the hell outta here” might literally get you put out (lights out, or out of the house depending on your grandma). What you are writing and to whom dictates what type of writing. And the mode you choose (texting, typing, writing) does not change the intended audience. Students have forgotten how to switch the code, writing sentences in research papers that belong in notes being passed around class, e.g. “I thnk dis is stupd.”

But by far, my biggest concern about Mr. McWhorter’s speech is that I am not sure I can trust a guy who referred to LOL as “lull.” Any person under 40 understands that this acronym was never meant to be used as a word. Mr. McWhorter went on to say LOL doesn’t actually mean “laugh out loud” as it once did, which is true. However, he interprets that the word is now used as a “marker of empathy.” To this notion, I can only respond, “Huh?”

So, I will speak to correct Mr. McWhorter on three points. I speak for all young people when I inform Mr. McWhorter that LOL is not empathetic at all, but rather an indication that…you guessed it, something is actually funny. The word “yo” hasn’t really been popular among young black kids since the 90’s. And lastly, but certainly not least, texting is not an “emergent complexity” but rather another (more stupid) form of shorthand.

Posted: 5/22/2014 by Adriana de Oliveira | with 1527 comment(s)

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4/30/2015 10:02:24 PM

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