Faculty Writing Fellows


1. What is a Faculty Writing Fellow (FWF)?

Faculty Writing Fellows (FWFs) are faculty members that log hours at the SSU Writing Center to assist students with their writing (a minimum of 75 hours for the term).

2. What does a FWF do?

  • FWFs work with students in their disciplinary area of expertise, but are available to help any student in need.
  • FWFs conduct research on best practices in pedagogy and writing instruction in their discipline, and deliver one QEP Faculty Development Workshop to share their findings.

3. What are the requirements?

This is a paid position. In order to be considered, you must be recommended by your department chair or dean.

4. How do I apply?

Click here.

We would like to sincerely thank our past FWFs for their dedication to helping our students improve their attitudes about writing!



Dr. Adegboye Adeyemo (COST, Chemistry)

Dr. Margaret Cox (CLASS, English)

Dr. Jacqueline Hamilton (CLASS, Music)

Dr. Walter Isaac (CLASS, Philosophy, Critical Thinking)

Dr. Pedro Rivera (CLASS, History)

Dr. Shawn Rosenquist (CLASS, Environmental Science)



Dr. David Bell (CLASS, Political Science and Public Affairs)

Professor Eric Clark (CLASS, Fine Arts)

Dr. Samuel Dolo (COST, Mathematics)

Dr. Jacqueline Hamilton (CLASS, Music)

Dr. Chante Martin (CLASS, English)

Dr. Autry McGary (CLASS, Social Work)

Professor Kai Walker (CLASS, Journalism and Mass Communications)



Dr. Frank Brevik (CLASS, English)

Dr. Eudgie Ekuase (COST, Chemistry and Forensic Science)

Dr. Bryan Knakiewicz (COST, Engineering Technology)

Dr. Andrea Moore (COST/SOTE, Natural Sciences and Biology)

Dr. Suzanne Toney (COBA, Economics)

Dr. Felicia Tuggle (CLASS, Social Work)



Dr. Adegboye Adeyemo (COST, Chemistry) 

Dr. Jordan Dominy (CLASS, English)

Dr. Behrooz Kalantari (COST, Political Science and Public Affairs)

Dr. Dustin Michael (CLASS, English)

Dr. Andrea Moore (COST/SOTE, Natural Sciences and Biology)

Dr. Linda Samuel (CLASS, Social Work)

Professor Marlene Seidman (CLASS, Humanities and Fine Arts)



Dr. Adegboye Adeyemo (COST, Chemistry) 

Professor Sandra Earley (CLASS, Journalism and Mass Communications)

Dr. Mir Hayder (COST, Engineering Technology)

Dr. Dustin Michael (CLASS, English)

Professor Marlene Seidman (CLASS, Humanities and Fine Arts)

Professor Maliece Whatley (COBA, Accounting)



Dr. Rebecca Setliff (COBA, Management and Marketing)

Dr. Karla Sue Marriott (COST, Forensic Science)

Dr. Nat Hardy (CLASS, English and Humanities)

Professor Nicholas Silberg (CLASS, Fine Arts)

Dr. Geoff Bowden (CLASS, Political Science and Philosophy)

Dr. Deden Rukmana (CLASS, Urban Studies and Planning)


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