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SSU’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), “The Write Attitude,” was designed specifically for students. The ability to communicate in written form is vital to one’s success, and generally, good writers have a positive attitude about writing. Consequently, we made the improvement of writing attitudes our goal with the QEP.

We have a myriad of ways to implement this goal. We work with your professors to ensure that writing is used frequently and effectively in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, we host a number of ways for students to get involved. 

In addition, we offer students opportunities to work with the QEP. Opportunities include:

  • QEP Student Ambassadors: Student volunteers for the QEP that assist in hosting campus initiatives and events that influence the larger student population to participate in and embody “The Write Attitude.”
  • Peer Writing Tutors: Student employees who work in the SSU Writing Center. The center is located in Payne Hall, Room 201.
  • Student Writing Fellows: Student employees who are paired with specific classes to assist the professors and students with the writing in their courses.

Please read, download, and share The Write Attitude brochure for Students. 

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